The Maya Book of Life: Understanding the Xultun Tarot

A brilliant, eye-opening synthesis of post-Jungian tarot and the shamanic genius of the classic Mayan civilization. Michael Owen shows a remarkable command of this important and original material. His psychological sophistication and savvy interpretations of the archetypes illuminate a more universal cosmos for the emerging 21st century tarot. A fascinating and inspiring journey of natural wisdom, Jungian depth, and timeless spirituality.

—Arthur Rosengarten, PhD, psychologist, Encinitas CA, USA, author of Tarot and Psychology: Spectrums of Possibility

This book is more than an impressive analysis of Peter Balin’s artistic creation of the Mayan Tarot. It has warmth. It is to be in touch with Michael Owen’s sensitivity to Nature and to his understanding of a world in which all living things are inwardly and outwardly connected.

—Ian McCallum, psychiatrist and Jungian Analyst, Cape Town, South Africa, former rugby Springbok, bush guide, author of Ecological Intelligence

In writing this book, Michael Owen has performed a dual service. First, he has brought the Xultun Tarot deck to the level of prominence it has deserved since first being revealed in 1976. Second, he has added a significant work to the corpus of Tarot literature. This book not only amplifies and illuminates the Xultun deck, but also provides a welcome reminder about how the Tarot enriches consciousness.

—Kenneth James, PhD, Jungian Analyst, Chicago IL, USA

I have been very excited and inspired by your impressive and sensitive integration of shamanism, alchemy and earth consciousness.

—Renee Ramsden, clinical psychologist and Jungian Analyst, Cape Town, South Africa

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